A number of factors contribute to the overall cost of a billboard. Below we explore those in greater detail.


Billboard Size

Billboard sizes can vary significantly. Typically, larger billboards will be more expensive to advertise on and the vinyl will cost more.

Billboard Size


Freeway vs Off Freeway is the largest consideration but traffic counts, which are independently audited, are equally an important factor.

Billboard Product
Media Planning

Billboard Read

Right read of the billboards (i.e. the billboard is on the right side of the street as traffic passes it) is usually more expensive because the billboard is closer to the audience.

Left read billboards (i.e. cross-traffic) are usually less expensive because they are further away.

Billboard Read
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Traffic Counts

As mentioned above, every billboard is audited by an independent company that determines the total number of persons 18 years and older who may travel past a billboard within a 7-day period. This number is used to help determine the overall value of a billboard.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

We have a team of experienced graphic designers that will help you create an exciting and memorable advertisment for an additional charge.

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If you elect to advertise on a static billboard, there will be an additional one-time charge to print your advertisementon vinyl.

If you elect to use a digital billboard, there are no production costs.


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