Billboard Connection Phoenix is an outdoor advertising agency based in Phoenix, AZ. We are marketplace for all out-of-home media. Our focus is on Phoenix and the southwest but we place clients nationwide. Designed to be one stop shopping, Billboard Connection Phoenix can provide a great selection of competitively-priced options for you to choose from.
Using Billboard Connection Phoenix makes things easy. Don’t wait for a week for pricing and availability on ad space in your area. Instead, just tell us where you want to advertise, and we’ll work quickly to find you the best options, at the best prices. Billboard Connection Phoenix believes that buying an ad should be so easy and affordable that anyone can do it!
We talk about quotes a lot here at Billboard Connection Phoenix, but what are they? A quote is simply the listed price of an available ad space. Billboard Connection Phoenix quotes, however, also include valuable information such as the # of impressions a board receives, estimated CPM, photographs of the media, maps and general commentary about the media’s strengths and weaknesses. A quote’s most basic function is to simply communicate the price of an ad space, but on Billboard Connection Phoenix our quotes do so much more.
The answer to this question isn’t so simple. Billboards can vary widely in cost depending on location, format, and size. Our best recommendation to you would be to engage us with a call or email. Just tell us the area you are looking to target and we will quickly find you some general pricing information.
This depends on the commitment from you! However, it is important to know that out of home media is typically sold in 4-week increments. So, over the course of one year, there are 13 billing cycles. We recommend that clients commit to a minimum of three 4-week periods to start a campaign for maximum effectiveness. We attribute this to the saturation effect – the idea that the target audience needs to pass by and see an advertisement a minimum of seven times before feeling compelled to act upon it.
Quotes expire after 7 days, but we will do our best to honor quotes if the space is still available. It’s important to remember that out of home is a constantly moving target. What may be available today may not be available tomorrow!
Billboard Connection Phoenix can help find you an awesome ad space even if you only want to advertise for a short time. For digital options, we can run week-long campaigns, and for static options, the minimum run time is 4 weeks. However, exceptions can be made under the right circumstances.
CPM is a marketing metric that stands for “Cost Per Thousand.” It is defined as “the cost of reaching one thousand advertising exposure opportunities in a market.” It can be helpful to use CPM when comparing numerous ad spaces at once. It can also be used to compare outdoor advertising against other advertising formats as it is a commonly used metric across the advertising industry.
CPM = # of Impressions (in thousands)/Total Cost
We recommend three 4-week campaign minimums because they afford you an ample amount of time to really evaluate the effectiveness of your ad. Ultimately though, your campaign should be based on your advertising goals so if you need to run for one, two, or even 12 months you shouldn’t shy away from doing so. If you have questions about this or are unsure of what campaign length is right for you, just contact us for a consultation.CPM = # of Impressions (in thousands)/Total Cost
The quotes are very specific about cross streets, side of the street/highway, left or right read and direction of traffic. We include photographs and will be happy to take our clients on rides to go scout locations together.
We typically can turn a quote around in 48 hours on average.
No artwork? No problem! Whether you want to create your ad yourself, or feel like you could use some assistance, Billboard Connection Phoenix has you covered. If you plan to handle the design yourself we are happy to provide the specifications. We prefer to be involved with the final outcome because of our experience in what works and what doesn’t. If you wish for us to do the design, there will be an additional charge for that work and we work in conjunction with our clients to come up with a final, successful design.
The main difference between digital and non-digital billboards is how the ads will be displayed. With non-digital boards (also known as static boards) your ad will be printed on a vinyl canvas and installed on your selected ad space and will not share space with other advertisers. Ads placed on digital boards, however, will be displayed on an LED screen for 8 seconds at a time, as a part of a larger 64-second loop. Other advertisers will have the rest of the 64 second loop. Despite their slight variations, both digital and static boards are incredibly effective.
Digital billboards are a great way to maximize the value on your campaign. You can expect to receive at least eight seconds per rotation however, it varies based on state regulations. While each digital billboard has eight different slots, most advertisers find that they actually get more exposure because sellers often don’t fill each ad space. You may also purchase more than one slot.
When you shop on Billboard Connection Phoenix, you can shop confidently knowing that no hidden fees are waiting to be discovered upon checkout. Each and every quoted price is comprised of the following:
  1. The most competitive price required to secure the selected ad space.
  2. Any productions costs associated with getting your ad up and running.
  3. If necessary, any costs for creative design.
This means the costs to print, ship, install, and take down your ad are included with the quoted prices.
Billing happens every four weeks. Checks are preferred but we do most major accept credit cards with a 3% processing fee.